The Taiwan Example: Community Pharmacists Helped Keep COVID-19 Deaths, Cases Way Down

April 13, 2020

Taiwan has had only 6 COVID-19-related deaths. The country used community pharmacists to subdue the outbreak.

What Are the Top Pharma Challenges Right Now?

April 11, 2020

The opioid epidemic is far from over, but it may slip behind other challenges. COVID-19 obviously tops the list of new problems and drug pricing and affordability will continue to soak up time and attention.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Pipeline at a Trickle

March 05, 2020

DMARDs and the JAK Inhibitors have improved RA treatment. But not many new drugs are in the offing at the moment.

ICER Launches Subscription-Model Tools

March 04, 2020

The "interactive modeler" will allow users to plug in their own assumptions.

Point-of-Care Tools in Pharmacy Take Off

March 02, 2020

New point-of-care tools offer greater transparency.

Express Scripts Report: Top Drug Classes Driving Spending Growth

February 26, 2020

Express Scripts’ annual Drug Trend Report highlights top contributors to prescription drug spending in 2019.

Commercial Insurers Also Drag Feet on Covering Generics

February 20, 2020

Trade group had previously documented even slower coverage by Part D plans.

Grassley on Drug Prices, Importation, and Innovation

February 19, 2020

Three takeaways from Stat's interview with the Senate Finance Committee chairman.