Multiple Sclerosis

Siponimod Enters Crowded Market of DMTs for SPMS

June 04, 2020

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) found siponimod has benefits for patients with active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, but its benefits were in line with other therapies in a crowded marketplace.

In Secondary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Questions Abound, But So Do Breakthroughs

June 04, 2020

Much remains unknown about how precisely multiple sclerosis occurs and advances in patients, but a growing body of research is helping scientists develop new ways to slow, and potentially stop, disease progression.

Breakthrough Therapies, Opportunities for Savings in Near-term Specialty Pipeline

November 21, 2019

As more competition makes its way into the specialty drug market, there will be opportunities for cost savings.

Specialty Medications and Managed Care Pharmacy

October 18, 2019

At AMCP Nexus 2019, experts weigh in on new and emerging specialty medications.

What’s New in the MS Drug Pipeline

August 09, 2019

MS is in need of new medications-these could be the future.