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Managed Healthcare Executive® is the leading resource for payer decision-makers. We provide industry news, market trends and peer-inspired insights about improving outcomes, enhancing the patient experience and lowering the cost of care. We are source of timely, accurate information about value-based care, cost-effectiveness research, population health, pharmacy benefit management and drugs in late-stage development. Our website features in-depth resource centers on topics ranging from digital health to hemophilia to ulcerative colitis.

Managed Healthcare Executive is also home to Population Health Perspectives, K-Cast, and Medical News Network video programs, which provide a unique opportunity to view lively discussions with authoritative insights and opinions on important clinical and nonclinical issues facing managed care professionals.

Beyond our flagship monthly print publication, we have an active presence at major managed care and clinical meetings with live coverage featuring video interviews with experts and thought leaders and articles about breaking news and panel discussions. We also have our own internal and external workshops. We deliver dynamic content through social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The greater Managed Healthcare Executive network also includes Formulary Watch® and the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute® membership and its annual conference.

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