Targeting the clinical, economic and payer considerations of atopic dermatitis

December 3rd 2021

Study: Older Americans Needing Liver Transplants is Spiking

December 3rd 2021

More patients aged 65 or older in the United States will need a liver transplant than ever before, according to a study by Inova Health System.

Antivirals Reduce Liver Disease Progression in Hepatitis C patients

December 3rd 2021

Whether the hepatitis C virus plays a direct role in causing hepatocellular carcinoma or an indirect one by fomenting inflammation and cirrhosis is unclear.

How Bacterial and Viral Infections Affect COPD Inflammation

December 3rd 2021

The composition of the microbiota of the airways of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder explains varying degrees of inflammation, according to a review article published recently in the Annals of Medicine.

Economic, Sociodemographic Factors Affect COPD Hospitalization Readmission

December 2nd 2021

University of Buffalo researchers found that men with low incomes were at greater risk of hospital readmission.