Payers Should Be the Quarterbacks of Patient Care

January 22nd 2022

Real-time notifications accelerate accurate care management. To deliver better and more timely care management to patients, payers should work with providers to adopt a technology-agnostic communication strategy .

Managed Healthcare Executive®State of Industry Survey: The shift to value-based care is slow going

January 22nd 2022

Our survey results reflect the reality that American healthcare is inching not galloping to value-based care.

Harvard Researchers Identify Epstein-Barr Virus as a Cause of MS

January 21st 2022

A longitudinal study of 10 million people in the U.S. military shows the link. The researchers say genetic predisposition, other factors are likely needed for the viral infection to cause multiple sclerosis.

Erasing Bias in Clinical Decision Support to Achieve True Health Equity

January 21st 2022

Many have claimed that technology will be the great equalizer in healthcare. While technology is objective and purely data-driven and without prejudice, there can still be inherent biases that hamper the ultimate goal of health equity.

Type 2 Diabetes: Considerations for Achieving Targeted Glycemic Control

January 20th 2022

Dr Jennifer Brigitte Green addresses clinical considerations for patients with type 2 diabetes who are not responding to their oral antidiabetic agents and discusses her strategy for insufficient target glycemic control with insulin regimens.