Demand Up, Supply Down = Adderall Shortage

December 01, 2022

Short-term manufacturing problems are happening as the demand for Adderall and other stimulant medications for ADHD have increased. Data from Arrive Health show a marked increase in ADHD medication prescriptions for people in their 30s.

Anxiety Linked to Bedtime Procrastination

November 17, 2022

University of Arkansas researchers added to the understanding of how anxiety affects sleep with research that looked for associations between anxiety and bedtime procrastination and other patterns of poor sleep.

Epidemics Within the Pandemic: Shifting Priorities and Opportunities for Addressing Opioid and Mental Health Crises During Covid-19

May 06, 2021

Deaths by suicide and by substance use disorders have reached epidemic proportions, creating the tragic “perfect storm” of epidemics within a pandemic. A survey conducted by PRECISIONvalue of population health priorities among health systems and health plans since the onset of Covid-19 suggests that while mental health conditions have risen in priority, opioid use disorders have become alarmingly deprioritized.