Population Health Perspectives is a recurring content series published on MHE and Formulary Watch through print, digital and video avenues. The series focuses on updates around new real-world evidence/data and trends that stand to impact treatment guidelines, access decisions, and patient experience.

Increasing Awareness Around the Genetic Components of ALS

December 19th 2022

Jennifer Roggenbuck, MS, CGC, navigates the testing, diagnosis, and management of patients with ALS.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Management of Multi-Drug Resistant HIV

December 8th 2022

Key opinion leaders discuss the landscape surrounding multi-drug resistant (MDR) therapies for patients with HIV.

Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Reimagining Care in Behavior-Driven Conditions

August 15th 2022

Three experts discuss the impact of digital therapeutics (DTx) and prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) as behavioral health therapy, from benefits to the treatment space to potential improvements and unmet needs.

Addressing Disparities in Care in Women’s Reproductive Health

February 21st 2022

Two experts discuss uterine fibroids and treating the disease as both a provider and payer.

Evaluating the Current and Future Opportunities for HIV PrEP

December 23rd 2021

Discussion on how to address barriers and disparities as obstacles to the use of PrEP, with a focus on increased understanding and education around US Preventive Services Task Force PrEP guidelines and Affordable Care Act Part 47 for payers and providers.

Targeting the Clinical, Economic and Payer Considerations of Atopic Dermatitis

November 19th 2021

A payer and community physician raise attention to limitations surrounding measures for screening and treating atopic dermatitis.

Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Understanding Disease Impact and Refining Treatment Approaches

July 1st 2021

A discussion on the clinical and managed care considerations of wet AMD treatment, including the varying approaches to disease management.

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: Patient Impact and Coverage Implications for New Therapies

March 30th 2021

Examining Health Equity Among Different Racial and Ethnic Subpopulations With Multiple Sclerosis

March 26th 2021

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that involves demyelination of plaque throughout the white and gray matter of the central nervous system. The early stages of MS are usually marked by a relapsing-remitting course of neurological deficits, which progress toward continuous, permanent dysfunction and disability. Of those with a diagnosis of MS, 74% are women.

Prescription Digital Therapeutics in Behavior-Driven Conditions

March 23rd 2021

A multi-stakeholder panel discussion featuring insight on the use of prescription digital therapeutics as tools when managing behavior-driven conditions.