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New Joint Commission Requirements Likely to Boost Maternal Patient Safety

July 07, 2020

The outlook for decreasing the maternal mortality rate in the country has recently improved as a result of a recent initiative by the Joint Commission, which has developed 13 new elements of performance (EOPs) to help evaluate hospitals.

Culture-building is a Business Imperative Amid COVID-19

July 07, 2020

Crisis tests a business's culture. It also is a good time to create or strengthen a culture.

Short 'Bursts' of Oral Corticosteroids Are Associated With GI Bleeds, Other Adverse Events

July 07, 2020

The risk of long-term use of oral corticosteroids are well known. This research shows that short "bursts" of one to two weeks also carry some risk of adverse events.

Stat, Applied XL: COVID-19 Trials Too Small to Give Clear Answers

July 06, 2020

Almost 40% of trials are designed to have fewer than 100 patients.

Boosting Molecular Testing in Patients with GIST Would Have Minimal Cost Impact, Study Finds

July 06, 2020

Researchers cost-impact model calculates the cost to be 15 centers PMPY.

Word From FDA, NIH on COVID-19 Vaccine: No Cutting Corners

July 05, 2020

FDA outlines what it will take to get a COVID-19 vaccine approved, while NIH offers its research strategy.

Could COVID-19 Winnow Out Low-Value Cancer Care?

July 02, 2020

Authors of JAMA Oncology opinion piece see priorities set in response to the pandemic as a chance to discourage low-value cancer care.

Survey: Rheumatologists Still Reluctant to Switch Patients to Biosimilars

July 02, 2020

Cardinal Health recently conducted a survey of more than 100 rheumatologists asking their feelings about biosimilars, and the findings revealed that the majority of them were familiar with and comfortable prescribing biosimilars.