FDA Updates for the Week of Jan 30, 2023

February 04, 2023

The FDA has approved two breast cancer therapies this week: Trodelvy to treat patients with HR+/HER2- breast cancer and Orserdu to treat patients with ER+, HER2-, ESR1-mutated disease. The agency also approved a novel therapy for CKD-related anemia and Tezspire in pre-filled pen.

Shedding Light on Healthcare’s Dark Arts

February 03, 2023

François de Brantes, a member of the Managed Healthcare Executive ® editorial advisory board and senior partner at High Value Care Incentives Advisory Group LLC, describes what he believes has caused a major inflection point in the management, delivery and payment of U.S. healthcare

Rick Bates of RxSense Talks Collab With Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs, Direct-To-Consumer Business and More

February 02, 2023

In this month’s episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite, Managing Editor Peter Wehrwein talks with Rick Bates, MBA, president and CEO of RxSense. In his conversation with Wehrwein, Bates described RxSense as a “technology platform company that has expertise in the direct-to-consumer business.” He emphasized that RxSense is not a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) — but, rather, a company that supplies PBMs with technology, including some of the up-and-coming PBMs, such as EmsanaRx and Vivid Clear Rx. Bates and Wehrwein also discussed the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug and RxSense launching a standalone business intelligence product called Rx IQ.

Though Funding for Telehealth Is Declining, It Doesn't Mean All Virtual Care Isn't Investable

February 01, 2023

It's been reported more often now that funding for telehealth has decreased and it will only continue to do so into the year. Funding has likely decreased because the video/virtual care medium has become a commodity, according to Summus CEO and Founder, Julian Flannery.

For Ulcerative Colitis, Two First-In-Class Candidates and an Interleukin-23 Competition

February 01, 2023

A Swedish and a French company have treatments with novel mechanisms of action in late-stage development. Meanwhile, AbbVie, Janssen and Eli Lilly are vying to get the first interleukin-23 inhibitor for ulcerative colitis on the market.

Insurers Prepare to Fight RADV Rule

January 31, 2023

The Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) rule was finalized today. The new rule for governing how CMS audits Medicare Advantage plans for overpayment due to inflated risk adjustment could cost insurers billions of dollars.