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Automation in Health Systems and how it can be a Solution per Amy Dirks Stevens of AVIA

December 04, 2020

MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Amy Dirks Stevens, EVP of Digital Strategy Performance and Practice Lead at AVIA health, for this week's episode of Tuning Into the C-Suite. The two talked about automation in health systems and how it can be a solution to challenges such as budget issues and creating more efficiency in the workplace. Also discussed were areas where health system leaders can begin to leverage artificial intelligence.

Bringing Humanity Back to Healthcare — Do Hospitals Need a Chief Burden Reduction Officer?

December 04, 2020

If the boom in new C-suite titles in healthcare — such as chief experience officer, chief growth officer, and chief analytics officer — “reflect new priorities and cultural shifts” inside organizations, what new titles should we be on the lookout for in the year ahead?

Government, Drug Companies Gearing Up to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine

December 03, 2020

CVS and Walgreens are poised to vaccinate residents and employees of long-term care facilities. Dentists and optometrists are angling to be among the healthcare professionals who could administer the COVID-19 vaccines.

Telehealth: A Tipping Point for Behavioral Health Providers

November 30, 2020

In a time of lockdowns and concerted efforts to avoid exposure to COVID-19, telehealth is not only the hottest topic in healthcare, but also a boon to providers attempting to treat behavioral health patients in a holistic and cost-effective way.

Improving Cancer Research Priorities in Light of COVID

November 30, 2020

The continuous battle in cancer research has unfortunately fallen a bit to the backseat due to healthcare's main focus on beating COVID-19 wildfires. To bring its needed attention back up on the ladder, Marie Lamont, president and COO of Inteliquet, a clinical trial software company, shares what took place in the drop of oncology-related activity and what can be done to improve.