MHE Talks: Joe Gagnon and Don Rucker of 1upHealth Address How FHIR is Personalizing Healthcare

May 11, 2022

This week welcomes Managed Healthcare Executive's 100th podcast episode featured on "Tuning In to the C-Suite" podcast! Guests on this episode are members of 1upHealth, CEO Joe Gagnon and Chief Strategy Officer, Don Rucker. The two were featured on the latest episode of "Tuning In to the C-Suite's" podcast series "MHE Talks: Improving Patient Access" to discuss the adoption of FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource, in healthcare and how it’s not only simplifying healthcare through care quality, outcomes and costs, but how it’s providing further access to health data for patients and payers. The guests of the 100th episode also shared some strategies for payers and providers in using FHIR to implement and scale modern data, and more.

Biden Administration’s Healthcare Priorities and the Build Back Better Act, per Ryan Urgo of Avalere

May 06, 2022

Ryan Urgo, Managing Director, Health Policy at Avalere addressed the Biden administration’s healthcare priorities and if the Build Back Better legislation will include provisions that deal with drug prices? Urgo spoke at this year's annual Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas on the subject, as well.

Nancy Lurker of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Addresses Innovations in Eye Care, How to Grow in the C-Suite and What it Takes to Run a Biopharma Company

April 27, 2022

Briana Contreras, editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Nancy Lurker, CEO and president of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. Nancy shared a bit about EyePoint and how the organization’s innovative therapies are addressing patient needs through eye care, and most importantly, she addressed C-Suite positions like the CEO role. Nancy shared advice for those seeking to reach the CEO level, especially toward women in healthcare and other roles, and what it takes to run a biopharma company.

Paige Kilian of Inovalon Addresses the Challenges of Risk Adjustment and how Solutions Can Be Found Through Data and Analytics

April 15, 2022

In this week's episode, Briana Contreras, editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Dr. Paige Kilian, chief medical officer at Inovalon. In the discussion, Dr. Kilian broke down the current issues health plans are facing when it comes to risk adjustment and how it’s affecting members of these plans. She also shared some solutions that can help plans improve risk adjustment and quality programs with one in particular being health plans identifying care gaps through data and analytics.

5 Exacerbation-prone Phenotypes Were Discovered Among Asthma and COPD Patients

April 14, 2022

Five phenotype clusters were discovered to be associated with the exacerbation, or worsening, of chronic inflammatory airway diseases of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a recent study published in PLOS ONE.