Briana Contreras


Advice for Aspiring Minority Healthcare Professionals Who Seek C-Suite Positions

April 08, 2021

In this final video of three-part video interview series, MHE spoke with founder and CEO of Gray Matter Analytics. In the discussion, Sheila addressed the topic of how healthcare organizations are missing out by not actively expanding their efforts to seek out and fast track talented individuals across many minority populations, especially in the c-suite.

The Importance of Providing Guidance for Businesses Through the CMO Role

April 07, 2021

In this second video of a two-part video series, MHE spoke with Dr. Ami Parekh, chief medical officer of Grand Rounds. Ami discussed the rise of the chief medical officer role, how businesses can benefit from it and what it means for the future of the C-suite. She also explained why it is so essential for businesses to provide advice and clinical guidance to help best keep operations running safely.