Seven diseases benefiting from genetic tests

March 01, 2018

Genetic testing is playing a growing role in diagnosing and treating diseases, particularly when it comes to certain cancers and rheumatic conditions.

Rotational therapies aid in treating psoriasis

September 01, 2005

Mild to moderate psoriasis is generally treated first with topical corticosteroids and other topical remedies. When the disease is widespread or unresponsive to topical agents, ultraviolet phototherapy may be used at home or in the physician's office.

April FDA Pipeline

April 01, 2005

April FDA Pipeline

December FDA Pipeline

December 01, 2004

FDA new indications and the latest generics

November FDA Pipeline

November 01, 2004

New indications

Medication, self-monitoring recommended to control asthma

November 01, 2004

Several drug regimens are available for asthmatics, but the key to asthma control is to reduce airway inflammation, and therefore limit the need for short-term rescue medications.

September FDA Pipeline

September 01, 2004

New combinations


July 01, 2004

New molecular entities and FDA news

Moderate allergies effectively treated with intranasal corticosteroids

June 01, 2004

Second-generation antihistamines bestfor mild allergies; plans curb use of leukotriene modifiers

June FDA Actions in brief

June 01, 2004

FDA Actions in brief

May FDA Pipeline

May 01, 2004

New medical devices, FDA actions and first-time generics

Taking what is preventable out of society

March 01, 2004

Later this year, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona will release a report, "The Health Consequences of Smoking," and a new database of medical research, treatment and smoking prevention information. This year's report will come 40 years after Americans first learned there were significant consequences of smoking, thanks to the efforts of then-Surgeon General Dr. Luther Terry, who was appointed during the Kennedy administration.

February FDA Pipeline

February 01, 2004

New indications and new combinations; first-time generic approvals

January 2004 FDA Pipeline

January 01, 2004

New molecular entities, new biologics and new formulations

New medications for rheumatoid arthritis are effective but expensive

January 01, 2004

First line treatment usualy begins with NSAIDs plus a DMARD, but combination therapy and new biologics hold great promise

December FDA Pipeline

December 01, 2003

New molecular entities and new formulations, FDA actions and generic approvals

Singling out members with less-prevalent diseases is no longer a rarity for plans

November 01, 2003

Effective rare-disease management programs promise plans cost-effective care, better quality of life for patients

November FDA Pipeline

November 01, 2003

Recent approvals and FDA actions

September FDA Pipeline

September 01, 2003

Recent approvals and new indications

Consider efficacy, effectiveness, safety to prove all-around value of a drug

May 01, 2003

FMCP model urges plans to think outside the cost silo when making formulary decisions