MHE State of the Industry survey: Grading the Trump Administration COVID-19 response

MHE Publication, MHE December 2020, Volume 30, Issue 12

In this third of a six-part series, respondents give administration poor marks.

Most of the readers who filled out our State of the Industry survey did so before the November 3 election. A majority (53%) graded the administration’s response to the pandemic as poor (47%) or fair (6%). A sizable minority (42%) deemed it good (20%) or excellent (22%).

The respondents rated the performance of federal government officials. Fifty-two percent of Anthony Fauci’s rankings were in the excellent category. Fauci is the now-famous director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Twenty-one percent of Alex Azar’s rankings were in the “poor” category. Azar is HHS secretary.