MHE State of the Industry survey: COVID-19 ranks No.1

MHE Publication, MHE December 2020, Volume 30, Issue 12

Respondents ranked the importance of healthcare issues.

MHE conducted our annual State of the Industry reader survey in October and November. Respondents were asked to rank the importance of healthcare issues and, no surprise, 71% of the rankings of COVID-19 by the respondents rated it as the number one healthcare issue. High drug prices were ranked as second most important healthcare issue by 29% of the respondents.

We also asked respondents to rank their level of agreement with a variety of statements about U.S. healthcare. Agreement was strongest (56%) with the statement, “The increasing enrollment in Medicare Advantage is a positive development,” and the strongest disagreement (62%) was with the statement, “Drug prices are high, but high prices mean investment in research and development.”