Kevin Hrusovsky of Quanterix Shares Successful Tools Toward Improving Precision Health and More

October 13, 2021

In this week’s episode, Managed Healthcare Executive Associate Editor Briana Contreras had the pleasure of meeting CEO of Quanterix and founder of Powering Precision Health, Kevin Hrusovsky. Quanterix is a blood-based biomarker analysis company. In this discussion, the two discussed Powering Precision Health and some tools like the Disruptive Innovation 5-step model that brings his vision closer of detecting and improving the health of patients sooner.

Disengaged and Disconnected: Why Most Remote Monitoring Programs Underperform

September 30, 2021

Many healthcare organizations are learning that creating an effective, scalable remote monitoring program is not easy. Most engage only about half of eligible patients. When patients do engage, providers struggle to keep them connected, find actionable insights in the data, and achieve optimal reimbursement.