Nancy Lurker of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Addresses Innovations in Eye Care, How to Grow in the C-Suite and What it Takes to Run a Biopharma Company

April 27, 2022

Briana Contreras, editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Nancy Lurker, CEO and president of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. Nancy shared a bit about EyePoint and how the organization’s innovative therapies are addressing patient needs through eye care, and most importantly, she addressed C-Suite positions like the CEO role. Nancy shared advice for those seeking to reach the CEO level, especially toward women in healthcare and other roles, and what it takes to run a biopharma company.

Josh Benner of RxAnte Talks Medication Misuse Challenges, Solutions and the Future of Pharmacy

November 10, 2021

Briana Contreras, associate editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Josh Benner, founder and CEO of RxAnte, in this latest episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast. In the conversation, Benner addressed the issue of medication misuse among patients based on access, demographics and more, as well as its solutions. The two also talked about the role technology has on the future of pharmacy and how solutions provided through RxAnte can assist plans to improve their CMS Start rating measures.

The Connection Between Telehealth, Pharmacy and How it Affects Self-Funded Employers

August 05, 2021

Managed Healthcare Executive had a conversation with Kelly Chillingworth, RPh, director of business development at RxBenefits this week about the unique connection between pharmacy and telemedicine, what impact telemedicine & its pharmacy costs have on self-funded employers and how the right virtual care services a health provider offers to their members can be essential to building a competitive benefit.

2021 Managed Healthcare Executive® Pharmacy Survey: Drugs New to the Market Most Likely to Reduce Morbidity, Mortality

June 16, 2021

In this part five series, participants give their opinions on which drugs newer to the market in the last 12 months hold the most promise to reducing morbidity and mortality. Participants also shared which drug in the pipeline holds the most promise. MHE's annual pharmacy survey had over 225 respondents. We will be posting the results over the next few days.