Zynteglo May Herald “New Dawn” of Many Seven-Figure Gene Therapies

August 05, 2022

An OptumRx drug pipeline report highlights Zynteglo, a curative gene therapy treatment for beta-thalassemia, and Skysona, a gene therapy for a cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy. FDA approval decision are imminent for both. Price tags of $2 million are expected.

FTC Has Put PBMs, PBM Rebates in its Hot Seat

June 17, 2022

A week after announcing a study of the PBM industry, the Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday that it was stepping up possible enforcement actions targeting the industry's rebate practices. Rebates to exclude lower costs from formularies may constitute commercial bribery under the Robinson-Patman Act, the commission said.

FTC Launches Inquiry Into PBM Industry

June 07, 2022

The Federal Trade Commission says its inquiry “will shed light on” clawbacks, potentially unfair audits, rebates and other business practices of the pharmacy benefits management (PBM) industry. Today’s announcement says the commission will be requiring information from the six largest PBMs.

The CMS Spend on Accelerated Approval Drugs. Is It Time To Tap the Brakes?

May 27, 2022

Two studies published this week documented the billions that Medicare and Medicaid spend on drugs that have been granted accelerated approval by the FDA based on surrogate end points. A study reported today in JAMA Health Forum found that only 6 of the 22 confirmatory trials used clinical outcomes.

Nancy Lurker of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Addresses Innovations in Eye Care, How to Grow in the C-Suite and What it Takes to Run a Biopharma Company

April 27, 2022

Briana Contreras, editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Nancy Lurker, CEO and president of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. Nancy shared a bit about EyePoint and how the organization’s innovative therapies are addressing patient needs through eye care, and most importantly, she addressed C-Suite positions like the CEO role. Nancy shared advice for those seeking to reach the CEO level, especially toward women in healthcare and other roles, and what it takes to run a biopharma company.