Industry Analysis

Time, Cost Burden Millennials & Gen Xers Take on as Role of Caregiver

November 13, 2020

Today, senior care can have a number of health benefits for the well-being of older adults. However, some family members of the patients receiving care are carrying more of the financial weight and taking care of the groundwork in their family member's care.

How Health Plans can Manage Enrollment Systems During This Particular Enrollment Period with Aaron Fulner of Edifecs

November 04, 2020

In this episode, Briana Contreras of MHE spoke with Aaron Fulner, Senior Director of Edifecs, a global health IT company. The two had a conversation about open enrollment and how private and public insurance markets have been preparing or are now experiencing an influx of new enrollees due to approximately 12 million people losing access to employer coverage from job losses since February.

COVID-19 Will Provide Major Boost to Healthcare Consumerization

November 04, 2020

As hospitals and health systems struggle to regain revenue, they will find themselves competing aggressively to attract and retain a smaller pool of patients. It will require doubling down on the patient experience, but will create a larger boost of healthcare consumerization, overall.

The Economic Impact of ADPKD on Patients, Payers

November 04, 2020

While physical and mental effects of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease are top of mind for those personally impacted, as well as for nephrologists, the financial implications associated with this condition are often overlooked despite the fact that research has confirmed the economic burden of the disease increases over time for both the patient and the healthcare system.

The Impact New CMS Guidelines Could Have on Interoperability, Patient Care

October 29, 2020

CMS's new Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (9115-F)they will be releasing in 2021 is aimed to empower patients and improve interoperability while reducing the burden on payers and providers. However, the process to meet the requirements will be challenging.

10 Emerging Industry Leaders: Morissa Henn

October 20, 2020

Managed Healthcare Executive's October issue headlines 10 chosen healthcare leaders in its fourth annual "10 Emerging Industry Leaders" feature. MHE spotlights each leader individually with a video interview to accompany the Q&A between MHE and the emerging leader.