Industry Analysis

For Price Transparency, the Outlook is Murky

September 24, 2020

The Trump administration’s attempts at pulling back the curtain have ended up in court.

Patient, Physician use of Telemedicine According to Dr. Peter Alperin of Doximity and the 2020 State of Telemedicine Report

September 23, 2020

In this week's episode of Tuning Into The C-Suite, MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Dr. Peter Alperin, Vice President of Doximity and a physician in private practice in San Francisco. They discussed the recently released 2020 State of Telemedicine Report conducted by Doximity and how it reflects into the adoption of telemedicine among physicians and patients alike, how the report analyzed telemedicine’s usage since COVID-19 and its market potential beyond the pandemic.

7 Skills Healthcare Executives Need to Succeed

September 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested every healthcare executive’s ability to adjust — and adjust again. From mid-March through summer and now early fall, the ups and downs of the outbreak have occurred at a furious, unpredictable cadence.

Healthcare goes retail

September 22, 2020

CVS Health, Walgreens and Walmart are pushing ahead with ambitious plans for in-store clinics and doctor’s offices.

10 ways healthcare tech is helping combat COVID-19

September 21, 2020

A look at how technology is making a difference in the delivery of care during the pandemic.

The Idea of Value-Based Care Post-COVID-19

September 20, 2020

In this part three of three video series, CEO of VirtualHealth, Adam Sabloff, discusses how VirtualHealth has responded to the recent industry shifts caused by COVID-19 and what value-based care will look like in the last days of COVID-19.

How Tech, Upcoming Election Influence Future of Value-Based Care

September 19, 2020

In this part two of three video series, CEO of VirtualHealth, Adam Sabloff, discusses the role technology plays in providing a whole-person view as a component in value-based care and how the election will impact the future of this specific type of care.

How COVID-19 Impacts the Move Toward Value-Based Care

September 18, 2020

In this part one of three video series, CEO of VirtualHealth, Adam Sabloff, discusses the birth of the healthcare services institution, what it's offering to the industry and how value-based care, in particular, is transforming especially because of COVID-19.

How Has Patient Monitoring Changed Since COVID-19?

September 17, 2020

Beyond the toll the novel coronavirus has taken on our friends and loved ones, COVID-19 has brought to light how our healthcare system has been challenged in the face of a pandemic and a surging influx of patients.

COVID-19 Imbalance

September 17, 2020

The pandemic has had dramatically different consequences for the finances of payers and providers.