Lissy Hu of Connected Care Networks at WellSky Talks Home-based Care as New Norm

August 25, 2022

Back from a brief hiatus, MHE brings you a brand new episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast where Editor Briana Contreras had the pleasure of speaking with Lissy Hu, president of Connected Care Networks at WellSky. Lissy and Briana discussed the shift to home-based care and where it stands after becoming much more of a norm three years into COVID-19. They also addressed the benefits and challenges of home-based care from a payer and patient’s perspective, as well as the cost of this service as its demand rises.

The Private Equity Bet on Healthcare

August 18, 2022

Private equity firms have pulled back some this year, but money has been pouring into the healthcare sector. Will the cash infusion make healthcare more efficient or drive up costs as investors seek returns?

The Healthcare Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act

August 08, 2022

Pharma, health insurers square off about the healthcare provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act that passed the Senate yesterday. The PhRMA was sharply critical of the provisions that would empower CMS to negotiate the prices of a selected number of drugs. AHIP praised the extension of more generous ACA premium subsidies.

Why Vendor Payment Automation is Critical in Healthcare

July 25, 2022

Automation not only eases the financial pressure these organizations are often under but requires less manpower, which helps overcome challenges associated with worker shortages, all while supporting a positive vendor relationship.

Part D May be Due for a Redesign

July 22, 2022

The program started before specialty drugs became such a large expense for Medicare and its beneficiaries. Congress is considering legislation that would cap beneficiary out-of-pocket costs and require price discounts from manufacturers.