Author | Deborah Abrams Kaplan


CT Scans for Diagnosing COVID-19? Not So Much.

June 23, 2020


Early studies from China suggested that CT scans of the lungs could be used to diagnose the disease. But as PCR tests became available, radiology groups said CT scans should be used more sparingly and in confirmed cases.

At-Home Pulse Oximeters: The ‘It’ Gadget of the COVID-19 Outbreak

June 19, 2020


Early detection of low blood oxygen levels may detect ‘silent hypoxia’ seen in some patients with COVID-19. But the American Lung Association advises against buying a pulse oximeter unnecessarily.

These Are Boom Times for MA

April 21, 2020


By almost any measure, these are good times for Medicare Advantage. Enrollment is growing, the number of insurers in the market is increasing, and gross margins are higher than in other health insurance markets.

4 Top Successful Social Determinants of Health Programs

January 02, 2020


Here are four programs making a difference.