Asembia 2021: A Futuristic Vision of Specialty Pharmacy

October 29, 2021

3D printing of drugs at home. Simulated drug combinations. Treatments tailored to microbiomes. Deloitte’s George Van Antwerp spun some futuristic scenarios for pharmacy and healthcare at the Asembia specialty pharmacy meeting in Las Vegas.

Asembia 2021: Explaining REMS Benefits. No Need for the Dread.

October 29, 2021

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) programs are designed to protect patients, but they can also make providers more confident about prescribing a drug, explained panelists at the Asembia specialty pharmacy meeting. And the FDA collaborates with drugmakers on the planning the particulars of the programs, said Steve Granzyk and Tiffany Abraham.

Asembia 2021: When the Disease Is Rare, Communication with Specialty Pharmacy Shouldn’t Be

October 28, 2021

Because families and patients may experience many difficult — and confusing — years prior to a definitive diagnosis of a rare disease, specialty pharmacies need to do everything in their power to make the treatment as navigable as possible, advised Nick Calla, J.D., and Dave Frobel of Orsini Specialty Pharmacy.

Asembia 2021: Specialty is a Growing Share of the Pharma Market. PBMs, Health Systems Are Vying for That Larger Slice of the Pie.

October 27, 2021

Pharma industry experts Adam Fein, Ph.D., and Doug Long, MBA, described the growth of specialty pharmacy and the competition for that part of the pharma market during the opening presentation today at the Asembia 2021 Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas.