Replenishing a Depleted Workforce: How to Support Healthcare Workers Through COVID-19

February 24, 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing and alarming levels of healthcare workers still experiencing stress, burnout, and other negative feelings surrounding their work, it's time to return the favors they've given countless others.

Considering the Ideal Role for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Addressing SDoH in Medicaid and Medicare Populations

February 13, 2022

Medicare and Medicaid programs that serve the most-vulnerable Americans facing SDOH barriers can be major facilitators of appropriate non-emergency transportation to non-medical sites. But how do we determine what is appropriate, and what do we know about transportation services to non-medical sites today?

Luis Mosquera of Health Network One Addresses Alternative Payment Models Are the Key to Transitioning to Value-based Care

February 11, 2022

Briana Contreras, editor of Managed Healthcare Executive spoke with Luis Mosquera, CEO of Health Network One, a provider of specialty benefit management services for health insurers, in this week's episode. In this discussion, Luis and Briana talked about how value-driven decisions in a more value-based market can not only better manage costs for health plans, but create a plan of care to best meet patient’s needs. In order to do this, Luis strongly encouraged healthcare executives to experience alternative payment models and shared what payers should check off their list with a new model.

Dismantling Stigmas: How to Stop the Blame Game and Get Patients the Care they Need

February 10, 2022

There is a bias in this country against people whose medical condition is perceived to be “their fault”– in other words, the result of their own lifestyle choices. To combat stigma and its harmful effects, there needs to be broader understanding, even among medical professionals.