Most-Read Cancer News of 2022


This year's most-read cancer news included researchers finding a possible liver cancer immunotherapy, cancer patients facing many negative impacts from COVID-19 and more.

  1. Researchers Identify Possible Liver Cancer Immunotherapy
    A study in mice has found that a combination immunotherapy slowed tumor growth and activated anti-tumor immune response.
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  2. Patients With Cancer Faced Heightened Economic, Social, Psychological Impacts From COVID-19
    A review of multiple studies found the COVID-19 exacerbated the economic, social and psychological difficulties that patients with cancer were already facing because of their cancer.
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  1. Study of a Tremelimumab-Imfinzi Combination May Lead to New Liver Cancer Treatment Strategy
    Results of an AstraZeneca trial presented at a recent ASCO meeting sow hopes for a new treatment for patients diagnosed with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of liver cancer.
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  2. Covid-19 Antibodies Found in Nonimmune Blood Cancer Patients After Receiving Booster
    Patients with blood cancers have been reported to have less of a chance to develop immunity from the COVID-19 vaccination. However, new data has been found stating those who have been previously vaccinated with no immunity and then followed up with a booster dose, eventually developed antibodies against the virus.
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  3. Solving the Puzzle of Cancer and COVID-19 Vaccination
    Recent treatment may affect the antibody response, particularly among those with hematologic cancers.
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