Digital Therapeutics: The Promise and Some Pitfalls |2022 PBMI Annual National Conference

September 12, 2022

Some of the evidence for digital therapeutic suffers from selection bias and relatively short studies, panelists at the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute said today. They also discussed making the flood of data from the digital therapeutics accessible and useful to payers and clinicians.

Michael Agostino Reflects on His Career as a Pharmacy Leader during PBMI

September 12, 2022

Michael Agostino, RPh, a registered pharmacist and entrepreneur of Onesto One Advisors, LLC, addressed how his career has been spent over the last few decades during his presentation Sept. 12 at this year's PBMI Annual National Conference in Orlando.

A Patient-Centric Approach: Care Plans for Patients Pay Off

September 15, 2021

Paula Bickley and Ashleigh Burdette of Biologics by McKesson described a program that identifies 1 in 3 patients as being at risk of nonadherence and then provides support to keep them on track and identify side effects and other problems early.