Previously Incarcerated Vets Not Shortchanged When It Comes to Hepatitis C Care, Study Finds

February 1st 2023

Results suggest that Veterans Health Administration’s outreach efforts to veterans with hepatitis C who had been previously incarcerated could serve as a model.

Though Funding for Telehealth Is Declining, It Doesn't Mean All Virtual Care Isn't Investable

February 1st 2023

It's been reported more often now that funding for telehealth has decreased and it will only continue to do so into the year. Funding has likely decreased because the video/virtual care medium has become a commodity, according to Summus CEO and Founder, Julian Flannery.

For Ulcerative Colitis, Two First-In-Class Candidates and an Interleukin-23 Competition

February 1st 2023

A Swedish and a French company have treatments with novel mechanisms of action in late-stage development. Meanwhile, AbbVie, Janssen and Eli Lilly are vying to get the first interleukin-23 inhibitor for ulcerative colitis on the market.

After a Slow 2022, Healthcare M&A Poised To Pick Up in 2023, Says Bain

February 1st 2023

Larger payers have plenty of cash on hand to do deals but will look for “adjacencies” rather than merger and acquisition with other payers because of the regulatory environment, say Bain experts.

Amgen Launches Amjevita, First Humira Biosimilar on the U.S. Market

January 31st 2023

Amgen says it will sell the first biosimilar to Humira on the U.S. market at two prices.