Study Suggests ‘Night Shift’ Feature on iPhone Does Not Help Sleep Quality

May 10th 2021

Young adults did not have significantly better sleep when using blue light filters on their smartphones in the hour before bed, according to a new study.

It Will Not Be Your Pre-pandemic Office

May 10th 2021

There’s no going back to the ways of working before COVID-19’s arrival, say many in the industry. Insurers and PBMs are reducing their footprint as work becomes part remote, part in person.

AIDS Group Says ACA Plan Copay Accumulators are More Common Than Not

May 10th 2021

Copay accumulators are a common feature in health insurance plans sold on the ACA exchanges, according to a recent report from an AIDS advocacy group that wants the Biden administration to reverse a decision made by the Trump administration that allowed continued use of accumulators.

Maximizing Outcomes for Patients, Payers and Providers with Data Accuracy and Efficiency

May 9th 2021

Emphasizing data efficiencies and quality will benefit payers and providers — and patients.

States Asking for Fraction of Their Vax Supply, Pfizer Seeking Full Approval, Biden Administration Favors Patent Waivers (PhRMA Doesn't), Jennifer Garner Talks Boosters With CDC Director on Instagram and Other COVID-19 Vaccine News This Week

May 8th 2021