The Right Dose of Aspirin for Secondary Prevention? The ADAPTABLE Pragmatic Study Probably Didn't Settle the Issue.

May 15th 2021

Too many study volunteers randomized to the 325-mg dose switched to the 81-mg one to settle the dosage issue But ADAPTABLE is still being celebrated as the kind of "pragmatic study'' that can be a less expensive, more realistic version of the RCT.

Creating a Post-COVID Healthcare System that Supports Healthcare Workers

May 14th 2021

The pandemic revealed the fragility, vulnerabilities and unique dangers of working in the healthcare setting. Chief among these was the eroded ability to service patients when there were staff availability issues.

Prime Therapeutics Sees Drop in Opioid Claims

May 14th 2021

A 13% decline in the past year continues downward. Some of the decline might be explained by pandemic-related drop in healthcare utilization.

Playing it Safe and Secure Amidst Online Vaccine Security

May 14th 2021

Breaches in online vaccination schedulers are the among the security problems the healthcare sector is scrambling to fix.

Healthcare Organizations Are Ideal Prey for Cybercriminals. What Can Be Done to Foil Them.

May 14th 2021

Every organization should take steps to improve encryption, keep backups up to date, and continually remind employees of the ever present danger of hackers getting into computer systems.