Suprachoroidal Space Shows Promise As Location for Delivering Treatment | AAO 2023


Delivering medication in the suprachoroidal space would be less invasive than intravitreal injections used to deliver many eye treatments.

Positive results for suprachoroidal delivery of an Investigational gene therapy for diabetic retinopathy were reported on Friday at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in San Francisco.

Suber S. Huang, M.D., MBA, of the Retina Center of Ohio in Cleveland and a member of the panel of discussants at the session for late-breaking research, says one of the takeaways from that research is that the suprachoroidal space looks to be promising location for delivering ophthalmic medications.

The suprachoroidal space is a potential space between the sclera, the protective membrane that wraps around most of the eyeball and gives the eyeball its white appearance and choroid, a thin layer of tissue composed mainly of blood vessels that is sandwiched between the sclera and the retina on the back side of the eye.

The study results are “yet another indication that a suprachoroidal approach without the need for vitrectomy or working under the retinal or direct intravitreal injection may be a useful option in our management armamentarium,” said Huang.

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