Pivot Launches Solution to Help End Vaping Epidemic


Pivot's initiative to stop people from smoking cigarettes has expanded into programs through a Carrot Inc. and Pivot partnership to help reduce the use of vaping.


Pivot​, the breakthrough digital health program that has transformed how people quit smoking cigarettes, now offers a solution for people who use vaporized nicotine, also known as e-cigarettes. This new solution is available to Carrot’s self-insured enterprise and health plan clients for their employees and members and will be available directly to consumers later this year, according to a news release.

Carrot Inc.​, partnered with Pivot, recently announced it has launched a version of Pivot to serve people who use non-combustible forms of tobacco in the form of e-cigarettes. This new service features customized content, in-app lessons, personal coaching from tobacco cessation experts, and community support.

The Pivot program has focused on helping engage and empower people to quit smoking cigarettes using evidence-based strategies, but with ​8% of Americans​ ​now using e-cigarettes to smoke, there is an urgent need for advanced technical solutions to help them quit as well, the release says.

“The alarm around the dangers of vaping has reignited awareness of how tobacco addiction challenges so many people in the US everyday,” says Carrot President and CCO, Busy Burr. “Smoking cessation solutions historically consist of telephone coaching or in-person classes, and haven't adapted to the needs of American consumers. We changed all that with Pivot for people who smoke cigarettes, and now have moved quickly to develop a digital solution for vaping as well, so people can get the help they need when they need it, right at their fingertips.”

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Pivot’s combination of innovative technology, human-centered design, behavioral science, and specialized coaching has led to an unprecedented rate of 32% successfully quitting cigarettes, as documented in Pivot’s largest clinical trial to date.

To begin, Pivot presents participants with personalized content to help them understand their patterns tied to smoking. These insights are then used to develop a quit plan orchestrated specifically to their unique situation and motivations and form of tobacco. The service also includes in-app lessons based on the type of tobacco products used, and real-world practice quits to help build towards one day quitting for good.

While the health consequences to those who smoke are well-known, there are also significant financial costs.

According to the release, employers spend an average of ​$3,000 per person per year​ ​in excess healthcare costs, ​totaling billions of dollars in annual revenues to the U.S. tobacco industry​.

Pivot’s continued innovation moves us all closer to a tobacco-free world. By extending its solution to address vaping and other forms of tobacco use, Pivot broadens its reach and ability to empower even more people. When individuals are given the tools to gain control of their health, that, at scale, can change the world, the release says.

Today, Pivot is exclusively available ​through ​self-insured employers and health plans and their respective employees and members​. ​In the future, it will be available to consumers directly.

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