Most-Read COVID-19 News of 2022


COVID-19 remained to be a hot topic among readers of MHE as it is still affecting thousands, weekly. Articles about COVID-19 that were most-read by our audience resulted with the effects of Paxlovid at the top to the the BA.5 variant.

  1. Paxlovid Rebound: Rare But Real
    Mayo Clinic researchers reported in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases that less than 1% of patients at high risk for experiencing severe COVID-19 who were treated with Paxlovid (nirmatrelvir and ritonavir) experienced a second bout of COVID-19.
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  2. Pandemic Mortality Rate Much Lower in Canada Than in the US. Why?
    Some researchers have pointed to the benefits of a single-payer system such as the one in Canada. But the author of the PNAS commentary, David Fisman, say it may be trace back to the more communitarian outlook of Canadians.
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  3. It’s Not Just COVID. There’s Also Long Flu and Pneumonia
    Epic research suggests that like COVID-19, flu and other viral pneumonias can result in long-term symptoms like fatigue and brain fog. Why that might be is an open question.
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  4. Working Paper Finds COVID-19 Lockdowns Had Little Public Health Effect and Draws Criticism of Being Flawed
    The conclusion of the pre-print meta-analysis is that small effect of "nonpharmaceutical interventions" on COVID-19 mortality rates did not outweigh the effects of lockdowns.
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  5. The BA.5 Variant Is Now Dominant: What News Outlets, Social Media Are Saying
    White House COVID-19 coordinator Ashish Jha tweeted that “we know how to manage this moment.” News coverage and social media posting about the BA.5 variant crested as the variant became the dominant strain circulating in the U.S.
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