Finding a health plan is more difficult than parenting


Consumers say that choosing healthcare benefits is the most difficult major life decision behind saving for retirement.

Aetna found that consumers rank choosing healthcare benefits as the second most difficult major life decision (behind saving for retirement). Finding a plan is also more difficult than purchasing a car and parenting, they say.

Conflicting and confusing information stymies their decisions, and health plans must make the process easier, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says. Online tools such as checklists and cost calculators will become more important in coming years as more Americans sign up for new policies.

Separately, Aetna also found that women are the ones making the decisions for the family.

“Our research found that nearly two-thirds of women claimed that they alone are responsible for family healthcare decisions,” says Ethan Slavin, Aetna spokesperson.

Additionally, 63% of women say their health insurance plan is very important in ensuring their financial well being. However, four in 10 consumers (43%) rarely or never track how much they spend out-of-pocket.

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