6 Connected Patient Challenge Finalists to Compete In Live Pitch-Off


Scheduled to face off on February 27. 

Six innovators are heading to Google’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to compete in a live pitch-off as finalists of the Boston Scientific Connected Patient Challenge.

The contest received a record-breaking 39 submissions for a digital health solution aimed at allowing patients with chronic conditions to better manage their health at home. Finalists are chosen by crowd voting, industry experts and competition sponsors. The six finalists will pitch their innovations at Google’s campus on February 27 for a chance to win up to $50,000 in in-kind services from Boston Scientific and Google.

The finalists include:

CardioVisual: Digital Clinical Navigator (Manish Chauhan, M.D.): CardioVisual is a heart health app for clinicians, patients and the healthcare ecosystem at large. The app illuminates the patient journey through technology and trusted content, to improve heart-health outcomes globally. CardioVisual delivers information on cardiovascular and related comorbidity treatments, prevention and technology.

Dance4Healing (Amy Li): Dance4Healing is an AI-powered telehealth platform which addresses the need to patients with chronic diseases to build healthy habits. The platform features content curated in partnership with therapists and hospitals and includes AI-recommended group and buddy programs and videos specifically tailored to the patient.

VaGenie (Julia Rose): The connected pelvic floor muscle training solution helps women build a stronger pelvic core, prevent disorders and dysfunction and recover more efficiently after childbirth. VaGenie uses biofeedback and gamifies Kegels by making the pelvic exercises fun, engaging and trackable.

nQ Medical, Inc. (Richie Bavasso): The biotech company has developed digital biomarkers for Parkinson disease. Biomarker data is collected in the home using the patient’s own devices such as a keyboard or mobile phone.  The biomarkers can help detect subclinical symptoms and include continuous, remote, and real-world quantification of psychomotor symptoms.

Wellthy Therapeutics (Porus Rawal, MBA): The prescription digital therapeutic is used for the self-management of chronic conditions. The AI-powered tool is focused on behavior and lifestyle changes in the therapeutic areas of diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiology.

• EndoQure (Ravi Vangara): EndoQure’s technology is for patients with chronic endocrine disease. The solution offers vital information to endocrinologists to determine a patient’s best treatment pathway and disease management options for patients.

Judges at the event will select the first- and second-place winners. The first-place winner will receive $15,000 in in-kind services from Boston Scientific and $15,000 worth of Google Cloud credits. For second place, the winner will receive $10,000 of services from Boston Scientific and $10,000 of Google Cloud 

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