‘While we are tech enthusiasts, we are certainly not tech determinists,’ says Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of the Digital Medicine Society


Goldsack also explained the Digital Medicine Society’s role as a convener and developer of evidentiary frameworks in a recent interview with Managed Healthcare Executive.

Jennifer Goldsack,M.Chem., M.A., MBA, OLY, the CEO of the Digital Medicine Society, spoke with Managed Healthcare Executive about her organization and other topics in digital healthcare.

“While we are tech enthusiasts, we are certainly not tech determinists,” Goldsacksaid about the society, which shortens its name to DiME (pronounced “dime”). “What we aren’t here to do is to shoehorn digital technologies into every nook and cranny of healthcare and call it success.“

Goldsack went on to say that the DiMEseeks to identify the “most and pressing challenges” of healthcare and to find ways for digital tools to be used to address them.

“We’ve been very successful for a young organization in moving the needle and actually making sure that the digitization of healthcare is helpful both to the patients we’re here to serve and to practicing clinicians, not just another expense, not just another burden.”

Goldsack also discussed DiME’s role as convener organization. 

“We aren’t policy first, although all of the science that we do, we make sure we put that in front of our colleagues who are advocates so that they can take that and really make sure that as we digitize healthcare, it remains an evidence-based field.”

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