Sarah Butler and Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf of ADVI Health Discuss the 2024 Election | Asembia 2024


In interview anticipating their presentation at the 2024 Asembia meeting in Las Vegas, Sarah Butler, M.H.S., chief commercial officer for ADVI Health, a Washington, D.C., healthcare consulting firm, and Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, J.D., vice president & head, federal and state policy, of the firm, discussed the role that healthcare might play in 2024 presidential election and the implications of the outcome.

Butler noted that healthcare has not been a priority in the campaign but add "how can healthcare not be a priority issue and the election?"

Butler and Greenleaf also discussed how the election's outcome might affect drug pricing policies.

He noted that President Joe Biden has talked about expanding the Inflation Reduction Act to include more drugs subject to CMS price negotiation faster.

Greenleaf said that "foreign freeloading" was a focus of the Trump administration, but its international pricing index and most favored nation models ran into legal challenges.

"If we have a second Trump administration this focus on foreign freeloading, it's definitely it's coming back," she said. "We'll be looking at those past models as a guide to what we think they they might attempt again," Greenleaf said.

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