LocumTenens, SE Healthcare Partnership Offers Solution to Physician Burnout Crisis


Strategic partnership combines software-as-a-service platform with locum tenens staffing to empower healthcare organizations of all sizes to measure, pinpoint and address clinician burnout.

LocumTenens.com, a leading physician and advanced practitioner staffing agency, recently announced a strategic partnership with SE Healthcare to offer a comprehensive, systems-based solution that confidentially measures the level of physician burnout within healthcare organizations. The solution pinpoints impacted areas and leverages specialized locum tenens staffing services to support clinicians who are suffering from stress, anxiety and burnout, which is now an even bigger issue given the COVID-19 pandemic.

SE Healthcare offers a subscription-based software-as-a service platform, The Physician Burnout Prevention Program, for healthcare organizations. This includes a confidential survey for identifying where burnout exists, a tool for listening to the physicians, plus an arond 40 video educational and training program for the physicians to help them confront and address burnout. LocumTenens offers innovative workforce solutions using locum tenens staffing that can be applied to more than 60 medical specialties as an effective way to support an organization’s permanent staff suffering from workload imbalance, a top stressor associated with burnout.

The partnership, which brings together burnout prevention software with locum tenens staffing, is unique to the healthcare industry. The offering will allow healthcare facilities to confidentially survey their physicians about burnout and receive a comprehensive, detailed breakdown of the results. Physicians will then receive access to a suite of resources designed to educate, prevent and treat the symptoms associated with burnout, and healthcare organizations will have the option to apply locum tenens staffing as a means to address areas of concern identified by the survey.

“Now more than ever, anxiety, stress and burnout have reached a crisis level in healthcare,” says Chris Franklin, president of LocumTenens.com. “On the surface, it very clearly has an impact on every aspect of the clinicians’ lives who are suffering with one or multiple of these conditions. It also has a tremendous effect on healthcare organizations and the patients they serve. By addressing the impact that this additional stress and anxiety has on clinicians with SE Healthcare, we’re also helping clinicians provide higher quality care to their patients.”

“Our program is giving healthcare executives a way to take action and show their staff that they truly care about their well-being,” added Douglas Shand, Chief Executive Officer of SE Healthcare. “Our strategic partnership with LocumTenens.com offers a very tangible solution, from two very innovative companies, to an issue that has impacted healthcare for far too long.”

According to the 2019 survey, Locum Tenens Engagement, conducted by LocumTenens, healthcare executives and administrators indicated locum tenens is an essential part of their treatment plans to add more balance and flexibility back into their facilities and within their own staff over the next 12 to 24 months.

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