KFF: More Than A Third of Americans Have Anxiety, Depression Symptoms

More than a third of American adults now have symptoms that are consistent with anxiety and depressive disorders, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Using survey data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau in June, the foundation's research calculated that 36.5% of American adults are reporting anxiety and depressive systems compared with 11% in 2019.

The foundation's own polling has shown that a large proportion of Americans say they are worried about, and have stress related to, COVID-19.

Louisiana (42.9%), Florida (41.5%), Oregon (41.3%), Nevada (39.1%), and Oklahoma (39%) are the states with the highest percentage of adults with anxiety and depression systems, according to the foundation.

Wisconsin (27.2%), Minnesota (30.%), Nebraska (30.6%), North Dakota (30.9%) and South Dakota (315) are the states with the lowest percentage.