Jim Graham of Prime Therapeutics Discusses a Digital Transformation Management System in Healthcare


In this week's episode, MHE Editor Briana Contreras and Managing Editor Peter Wehrwein met with CIO of Prime Therapeutics, Jim Graham to discuss the process of an organization’s digital transformation from a traditional Pharmacy Benefit Manager to a complete data-driven drug management system. Graham addressed the risks an organization may come across to successfully transition to this system, but also mentioned the benefits to come.

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Topics in this Discussion

  • Most important aspects of digital transformation at Prime and what is unique about them? 01:10
  • Collaboration with Express Script in these efforts? Is Prime free to go its own way with these efforts or are you coordinating closely with Express Scripts? 05:30
  • PBMs have gotten a reputation as middlemen who extract revenue from the drug supply chain without adding a commensurate amount of value. Will your digital transformation efforts help address the industry’s reputation problems? 06:47
  • How might your digital transformation efforts affect drug prices – and if not prices, perhaps drug expenditures? 11:33
  • Digital efforts also raise issues about data privacy and cybersecurity. What is Prime doing to protect data privacy? 14:50
  • There are many entities in healthcare who want to leverage data from and about patients. Are you concerned about too many entities focusing on care coordination? 16:45
  • Personal experience that inspired data sharing. 19:15
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