How to Broaden Hiring Efforts for a More Diverse Healthcare System


In this second of three-part video interview series, MHE spoke with founder and CEO of Gray Matter Analytics. In the discussion, Sheila addressed the topic of how healthcare organizations are missing out by not actively expanding their efforts to seek out and fast track talented individuals across many minority populations, especially in the c-suite.

Below is a short Q&A of the interview with Shiela:

Q: How can you broaden hiring efforts for a more diverse healthcare system care?

A: There's been studies that have been shown that when the provider of healthcare happens to be of a similar ethnicity of some of the patients, that there tends to be better outcomes and mainly there are some cultural things that might be a part of the care or understanding of the care and or living arrangements that maybe someone else might not understand. For example, you know, Hispanic families tend to have an extended family living situation. Not good or bad. But that's part of some of the social determinants of health that might need to be taken into consideration.

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