Advice for Aspiring Minority Healthcare Professionals Who Seek C-Suite Positions


In this final video of three-part video interview series, MHE spoke with founder and CEO of Gray Matter Analytics. In the discussion, Sheila addressed the topic of how healthcare organizations are missing out by not actively expanding their efforts to seek out and fast track talented individuals across many minority populations, especially in the c-suite.

Below is a short Q&A of the interview with Shiela:

Q: What advice do you give aspiring young, Black, or minority healthcare professionals who seek to work at an executive level?

A: I would coach them to try to get support in their respective organizations, from what I would call a mentor, as well as a sponsor. Those are two different things. A mentor is someone that you know, you can go to, for advice on how you could want to show up in a meeting, prepare for the meeting, or prepare your career to have other experiences. But a sponsor or someone who's sitting in the meeting room, and when the discussions are being had about whether or not an individual should be considered for a new role or promotion. The sponsor is a person that's in the room that's willing to put their own personal reputation on the line to advocate for an individual to be promoted to be given a broader responsibilities.

And you need both.

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