Google and Sanofi Team Up

The tech giant and pharmaceutical manufacturer are hoping to develop new solutions together.

AI Machine learning concept

Sanofi and Google have announced that they are collaborating on the creation of a virtual innovation lab to develop scientific and commercial solutions.

With the collaboration, Sanofi hopes to change how it develops treatments. The collaboration will feature three key objectives:

  • to better understand patients and diseases

  • to increase Sanofi’s operational efficiency

  • to improve the experience of Sanofi’s patients and customers

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Sanofi will be utilizing Google’s deep analytics to better understand diseases and insights on patients, potentially allowing for more personalized treatments as Sanofi gains deeper understanding of how treatments work.

The partnership will also enable the use of AI to forecast sales and help to inform marketing and supply chain efforts. The AI will use real-time information to track geographic, logistic, and manufacturing issues and help to increase accuracy in those areas.

All of this, Sanofi says, will allow the drug manufacturer to optimize patient care and lower healthcare costs.

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