FDA approves Tecentriq, Avastin combo for first-line treatment of lung cancer


 A new non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatment is available to healthcare providers immediately.  

A new non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatment is available to healthcare providers immediately.

FAD approved atezolizumab (Tecentriq, Genentech), in combination with bevacizumab (Avastin), paclitaxel and carboplatin (chemotherapy), for the initial treatment of people with metastatic NSCLC with no EGFR or ALK genomic tumor aberrations.

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“This Tecentriq regimen has demonstrated a significant survival benefit in the initial treatment of metastatic non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer,” said Sandra Horning, MD, chief medical officer and head of global product development, in a statement from Genentech. “Today’s approval supports our combination approach for Tecentriq in lung cancer and our vision to develop medicines that improve outcomes for patients with this complex disease.”

Genentech’s Phase 3 IMpower150 study showed that Tecentriq in combination with Avastin and chemotherapy helped people live significantly longer compared to Avastin and chemotherapy. The median overall survival rate for patients taking Tecentriq/ Avastin/ chemotherapy was 19.2 months versus 14.7 months for those on Avastin and chemotherapy.

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Genentech is working with the FDA on postmarketing commitments (PMCs) to better understand and characterize the potential effects of Tecentriq-related anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) and neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) across all of our studies. An analysis of ADAs in the IMpower150 study showed no impact on the efficacy of Tecentriq.

Tecentriq is already approved by FDA to treat patients with metastatic NSCLC who have disease progression during or following platinum-containing chemotherapy, and have progressed on an appropriate FDA-approved targeted therapy if their tumor has EGFR or ALK genetic alterations. It also approved for certain patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma.

For those who qualify, Genentech offers patient assistance programs for people taking Tecentriq through Genentech Access Solutions.

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