Express Scripts Adds Humira Biosimilars Cyltezo and Hyrimoz to its Formulary


Express Scripts will also add Sandoz’s unbranded version of adalimumab to its National Preferred Formulary. The Humira biosimilar Amjevita was added previously.

Express Scripts will include Cyltezo and both Sandoz products (Hyrimoz and unbranded adalimumab-adaz) as preferred products on its National Preferred Formulary alongside Humira. Amjevita, a citrate-free, low concentration formulation, is already available on the National Preferred Formulary and the National Preferred Flex Formulary for 2023. 

Harold Carter, Pharm.D.

Harold Carter, Pharm.D.

“Our decision to add the Sandoz products, as well as the interchangeable product Cyltezo, to our NPF supports greater affordability across this entire treatment class. We gladly welcome new biosimilar options and pricing strategies that enable us to effectively lower net costs and deliver long-term value, whether it’s by lower list prices or deeper discounts for our clients and patients,” said Harold Carter, Pharm.D., chief pharma trade relations officer, Express Scripts, said in a press release.

Eight biosimilars of blockbuster arthritis drug are now available. Humira has a wholesale acquisition cost of $6,922 for a four-week supply. According to Express Scripts trend data, inflammatory medications represented nearly 25% of total drug spend across its commercial book of business in 2022. Evernorth analysis further estimates that competition created with biosimilars can save the United States $225 billion to $375 billion spend over the next decade.

Cyltezo (adalimumab-adbm), Boehringer Ingelheim’s biosimilar, is priced at 5% to 7% below Humira. It is the first Humira biosimilar with an interchangeable designation, and it is available as a prefilled syringe and as pen autoinjector.

Hyrimoz (adalimumab-adaz) is a citrate-free, high concentration formulation from Sandoz. Hyrimoz HCF is available at a list price that is 5% below Humira list price. Sandoz is also offering an unbranded adalimumab-adaz HCF at 81% below Humira list price.

Amjevita (adalimumab-atto), the first of the Humira biosimilars, launched in January and was offered at two price points: 5% and 55% below the list price of Humira. Developed by Amgen, it is available as a citrate-free prefilled syringe and as an autoinjector.

Express Scripts has said in the past that it has advocated for the adoption of biosimilars. For example, Express Scripts added Viatris’ Semglee, the first FDA-approved interchangeable biosimilar basal insulin, to its National Preferred Formulary beginning in 2022. The company estimates this saved more than $20 million for plan sponsors in one year.

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