Expanding PrEP Access

Carl Schmid concludes with his thoughts on the future of PrEP therapy.

Carl Schmid: There are great opportunities for increasing PrEP [pre-exposure prophylaxis]. I’m excited that President Biden will hopefully include a PrEP program in his upcoming 2023 budget. It has already been a focus of the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US initiative, but it’s been limited. We need to expand the opportunities for PrEP. The goal of the National Strategic Plan that President Biden updated and released on World AIDS Day in 2022 says that we need to increase [the use of] PrEP to at least 50% of all the people who need it by 2025. That’s just in a couple of years. But to do that, we need to ramp up PrEP funding and community outreach. It’s great that President Biden will hopefully propose a program, but then we need Congress to support it as well. There are great opportunities ahead, but we need to educate our policymakers. Then, in turn, we need to educate the community and providers about the availability and the miracle of what we have with PrEP.

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

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