Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapies in the Pipeline, Barriers to Existing Drugs and Solutions | AMCP 2023

Magellan's Michelle Booth and Andy Killpack presented today at the annual AMCP meeting in San Antonio to discuss equitable access to recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) gene therapy as there are currently many barriers patients face toward treatment. Booth, senior director of specialty clinical solutions, claims though cost plays a significance in access, there are much more barriers from education to income that lead to inequities. Killpack and booth share solutions and other gene therapies expected to come to market.

Magellan Director of Specialty Clinical Solutions, Andy Killpack, and Senior Director of Specialty Clinical Solutions Michelle booth shared gene therapies coming down in the pipeline and touched on the barriers that patients face when accessing existing therapies.

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There are a number of barriers patient's face with these gene therapies such as disease state, education, and lack of access among lower income patients. However, cost is a major barrier and concern as some gene therapies cost $3.5 million for treatment. The Magellan team share solutions to combating cost outside of prior authorization.

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