What Needs to be Done to Improve Interoperability Issues, Clinician Burden per David Lareau of Medicomp Systems

April 14, 2021

In this week’s episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast Briana Contreras, associate editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with David Lareau, CEO of Medicomp Systems about four areas that must be addressed to improve the usability of health IT, address interoperability issues, and minimize clinician burden.

Addressing Care, Costs Issues Among OBGYNs per Lenny Castiglione

April 07, 2021

Today's episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite shares a conversation between Associate Editor of MHE, Briana Contreras, and CEO of Ob Hospitalist Group, Lenny Castiglione. The two talked about how and why hospitals and health systems are increasingly working with third party providers for obstetrics, as well as anesthesiology, nursing, and others to reduce costs and improve care for patients.

Meet the Board: François de Brantes of Signify Health Talks the Direct Contracting Model, Value Based Care and Toxicity of Fee for Service

March 31, 2021

In this month's episode of the Meet the Board podcast series, MHE spoke with Signify Health's Senior Vice President of Episodes of Care, François de Brantes. In the discussion de Brantes touched on a few facts about himself, he shared the toxic incentives in healthcare, how the Direct Contracting Model differs from Medicare Advantage and more.

Vaccine Mistrust Leaves Vulnerable Seniors at Risk, per Eve Gelb of SCAN Health Plan

March 24, 2021

MHE's Associate Editor Briana Contreras spoke with Senior Vice President of healthcare services at SCAN Health Plan, Eve Gelb. The two discussed the issue of vaccine mistrust among family caregivers and how it can result in leaving vulnerable seniors at risk.

The Rise of the CMO Role, Other C-Suite Positions per Ami Parekh of Grand Rounds

March 17, 2021

MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Dr. Ami Parekh, chief medical officer of Grand Rounds. Ami and Briana talked about the rise of the chief medical officer role, how businesses can benefit from it and what it means for the future of the C-suite. They also discussed how Ami's role as a CMO, and other C-Suite positions, evolved during the pandemic and why it is so essential for businesses to provide advice and clinical guidance to help best keep operations running safely.

Improving Diversity in Healthcare is About Talent, Not Numbers, Says Sheila Talton

March 10, 2021

Briana Contreras, associate editor of MHE, spoke with Sheila Talton, founder and CEO of Gray Matter Analytics, in this week's episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast. In the discussion, Sheila addressed the topic of how healthcare organizations are missing out by not actively expanding their efforts to seek out and fast track talented individuals across many minority populations, especially in the c-suite.

How to Address the Wave of Grief Due to COVID-19 Losses

March 03, 2021

Briana Contreras, associate editor of MHE, spoke with Robin Fiorelli, senior director of bereavement and volunteers at VITAS Healthcare, for this week's episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite. Robin and Briana talked about the grief that has affected millions of Americans and millions more throughout the world due to losing loved ones to COVID-19. They also discussed the implications of grief, strategies for coping and efforts underway to help the healthcare industry and consumers train and prepare for a suspected wave of grief that’s to come.

Remote Care Advancement for Heart Failure, COPD and Diabetes Patients

February 24, 2021

In this week's episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast, MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Dr. Rob Kowal, chief medical officer of the Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure division at Medtronic. The two discussed how remote monitoring and IoT is changing healthcare and how remote technology is also gaining a wide-spread adoption to monitor patients at home who have chronic conditions like heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes.

Meet the Board: Independence Blue Cross' Rodrigo Cerda Discusses What's Coming in Clinical Care, the Future of Virtual Care and More

February 17, 2021

In this latest episode of the Meet the Board series on Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast, Managed Healthcare Executive's Peter Wehrwein and Briana Contreras speak with Rodrigo Cerda, vice president of clinical care transformation at Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia. Rodrigo is a newer member of MHE's Editorial Advisory Board and in the discussion he shared a bit about himself such as what his personal goals were. The focus of the discussion highlighted a pipeline of clinical care and what's to come, as well as looking at virtual care.

Crisis Management in the C-Suite and Beyond per Bill Coletti of Kith

February 10, 2021

MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Bill Coletti, CEO, and Founder of Kith, a firm serving organizations in communication crisis and reputation management, in this week's episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite. Bill and Briana discussed how working with healthcare leaders during a crisis has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, how leaders in the C-Suite can be prepared for a crisis and what to do in the journey post-crisis.

Racial Equity in Healthcare and What is Being Done to Educate, Improve Differences

February 03, 2021

In this episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite, MHE Associate Editor Briana Contreras spoke with Associate Dean for Equity Inclusion and Research Professor in the College of Nursing at Penn State University, Dr. Sheldon Fields. He is also the first Vice President for the National Black Nurses Association. In celebration of Black History Month, the two discussed racial equity in healthcare and what is being done for patients and nurses of color toward the improvement of the racial and health disparities that take place in care.

Navitus: a 'Full Pass-Through' PBM Working to Improve Medication Adherence

January 29, 2021

MHE Associate Editor Briana Contreras and Senior Editor Peter Wehrwein speak with Julie Olson, senior director of Population Health and Product Development at Navitus, a full pass-through pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company. In this discussion they talked about how Navitus has created a Clinical Engagement Center designed to improve medication adherence and reduce both member and plan prescription costs, while easing benefit transitions. Additionally, they discussed what it means to be a “full pass-through” PBM and how it compares to other PBMs.

Meet the Board: Perry Cohen of The Pharmacy Group Discusses PBMs, COVID Responses in U.S. and Other Countries

January 27, 2021

In this episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite's Meet the Board series, MHE Senior Editor Peter Wehrwein and Associate Editor Briana Contreras speak with Perry Cohen, Pharm. D., CEO of The Pharmacy Group. Perry has been on MHE's Editorial Advisory Board for over 25 years and has contributed a number of interviews and guest articles toward the publication. In this discussion, Briana, Peter and Perry talked about the current pharmacy benefits market as well as Sweden, Japan and the United States' response to COVID-19.

2021 Healthcare Financial Trends per Kermit Randa of Syntellis Performance Solutions

January 13, 2021

In this week’s episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast, MHE's Senior Editor Peter Wehrwein and Associate Editor Briana Contreras spoke with CEO of Syntellis Performance Solutions, Kermit Randa. In the discussion they talked about a recently released survey by Syntellis called the 2021 Healthcare Financial Trends Survey report, which highlights how finance leaders pivoted in 2020 and the way they will continue to evolve in 2021.

The Need for Permanent RPM Reimbursement, Benefits of RPM Beyond COVID-19

January 06, 2021

Briana Contreras of MHE spoke with Josh Claman, CEO of Rimidi about the strong need for a permanent remote patient monitoring, or RPM, reimbursement reform, and how our health industry can come together to influence this change. The two also discussed the benefits of RPM technology for underserved, uninsured or Medicaid populations, and the benefits of RPM during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sumit Dutta of OptumRx on how the PBM Responded to Pandemic

December 23, 2020

In this week's episode, MHE's Senior Editor Peter Wehrwein spoke with Sumit Dutta, Optum Rx chief medical officer. The two spoke about COVID-19 vaccines and how the pharmacy benefit market responded to the pandemic.

Closing a Gap in Treating Chronic Condition Patients

December 16, 2020

In this episode, Briana Contreras of MHE spoke with Dr. David Moen, president of Prospero Health Partners. The two discussed how Prospero is closing a gap in the healthcare system by taking care of patients with chronic, serious health issues, who are not yet in hospice care, but are prone to frequent, costly hospital admissions. They also talked about the skyrocketing demand for in-home care and telehealth during the pandemic, especially for seniors with advanced illnesses and compromised immune systems.

Addressing SDoH During, After COVID-19 per Manik Bhat of Healthify

December 09, 2020

Briana Contreras of MHE spoke with Manik Bhat, founder and CEO of Healthify – a company that works with managed care organizations to integrate social determinants of health (SDoH) into the healthcare ecosystem. Manik and Briana spoke about how the need to address SDoH has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began and what the importance of addressing these social and economic issues are during and after the pandemic. They also touched on how SDoH contribute to the spread of viral diseases, but worsen the issues for individuals already struggling.

Automation in Health Systems and how it can be a Solution per Amy Dirks Stevens of AVIA

December 04, 2020

MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Amy Dirks Stevens, EVP of Digital Strategy Performance and Practice Lead at AVIA health, for this week's episode of Tuning Into the C-Suite. The two talked about automation in health systems and how it can be a solution to challenges such as budget issues and creating more efficiency in the workplace. Also discussed were areas where health system leaders can begin to leverage artificial intelligence.

Why Physicians Should Be in the C-Suite of Healthcare Organizations. A Conversation with Radiology Partners' Anthony Gabriel, M.D., MBA

November 25, 2020

In this week’s episode, MHE's Briana Contreras spoke with Anthony Gabriel, M.D., MBA, chief operating officer at Radiology Partners. Anthony shared the importance of health entities having physicians in the C-Suite, or executive levels in their health organizations, as Radiology Partners does. He and Briana also discussed what type of training a health professional needs to get to this level and some decisions he’s made as a health professional in the C-Suite.