Feb. FDA Pipeline

February 01, 2005

New entities and actions in brief

January FDA Pipeline

January 01, 2005

New molecular entities

On Finance: Costly pain of fibromyalgia can be reduced with holistic treatment

September 01, 2004

Fibromyalgia is real and prevalent, yet many physicians and employers may inadvertently ignore or demean sufferers, not only at the cost of those with the condition, but at the cost of productivity and healthcare expenditures.

August FDA Pipeline

August 01, 2004

FDA actions and new molecular entities

Skirmishing continues over drug importing

August 01, 2004

Washington, D.C. - Last month, the House approved legislation that would make it easier for Americans to obtain prescription drugs from Canada and other countries, similar to action it took last year. This time the legislators voted overwhelmingly to add to FDA's 2005 budget bill a provision that blocks FDA from enforcing a ban on drug reimportation. The drug import language is not expected to survive House-Senate negotiations on a final FDA spending bill, but it allows members of Congress to portray themselves as import advocates at election time.

January 2004 FDA Pipeline

January 01, 2004

New molecular entities, new biologics and new formulations

Reader Response to 'ER is a Hit '

December 10, 2003

Our recent "ER is a Hit With Insured Americans" news item stirred up some reader response.

November FDA Pipeline

November 01, 2003

Recent approvals and FDA actions

Benchmarking helps attain the delicate balance between cost and quality

September 01, 2003

Data allow MCOs to evalutate their pharmacy services and which drugs should or should not be covered

News & Trends

August 01, 2003

New HEDIS measures for 2004; President&s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health report; The Commonwealth Fund's report on eroding retiree benefits