Tips for Keeping Health Workers Safe


Jagdish Khubchandani, a Health Science professor at Ball State University, provides tips and reminders to help keep one of the most vulnerable populations safe during the continuous battle of COVID-19. Some tips not only include frequent hand-washing and wearing masks, but getting enough sleep is also just as important.

As the medical community continues to battle COVID-19, Ball State University Professor, Jagdish Khubchandani offers tips and reminders to help keep healthcare workers safe.

"While everyone is worried about family, friends, and cases in the community, we ignore a very high risk and vulnerable group," says Khubchandani. "Studies have consistently shown that healthcare workers frequently work long hours, don’t practice self-care or optimal hygiene, and work while being sick."

Khubchandani says today, with COVID-19, there are additional challenges such as changing protocol, greater number of emergencies, shortage of medical supplies, and lack of preventive testing and protective equipment. Healthcare workers are at the front line and often neglected during such times.

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