Smartphones Can Detect Symptoms of Infection, Put Health Monitoring in Hands


V-Sensor- and e-Checkup-enabled smartphones measure temperature, blood pressure, respiration and other vital signs to medical accuracy.

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Leman Micro Devices (LMD), the developer of regulated consumer healthcare products backed by major players within the mobile device industry, has announced e-Checkup is now poised to be integrated into the new generation of smartphones and healthcare, according to a news release.

E-Checkup, the medically-accurate health monitoring tool, is becoming free for everyone, as a bundle with their new smartphones. The tool needs no external devices to measure a person’s five vital signs: blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, and blood oxygen level, all with medical accuracy. 

With any smartphone in which e-Checkup is integrated, users can monitor their own health, anytime, anywhere, the release says.

There are many important benefits from measuring health indicators such as blood pressure regularly and without external devices or the need to visit a clinic. Undetected high blood pressure alone is a silent killer that claims nearly 10 million lives annually across the globe. The new generation of smartphones with integrated e-Checkup will enable people to monitor their own blood pressure as frequently as they like, as well as taking their own and children’s temperatures, and checking other vital signs to gain an ongoing record of their own health. The data can also be shared with physicians, to assist them in providing advice and diagnoses during telehealth consultations.

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The e-Checkup system combines LMD’s proprietary V-sensor with its e-Checkup app. The V-Sensor is now on the back of the smartphone, as this provides a comfortable, ergonomic experience for the user. To measure blood pressure, the user simply holds the phone in a natural grip, forefinger positioned in the recessed V-Sensor on the back of the phone, and thumb on the front screen. The e-Checkup app guides the user to squeeze more or less by playing a waterfall game. A measurement takes around one minute. No external devices are needed; an e-Checkup-enabled smartphone provides the complete solution, the release says.

Equipped with LMD’s e-Checkup V-Sensor, it uses the proven and mature Riva-Rocci technique to measure blood pressure. LMD’s e-Checkup is the only system in the world to make accurate cuff-less and calibration-free blood pressure measurements.

Other vital signs can also be measured using e-Checkup just as easily: the user simply selects the desired measurement from the home screen of the e-Checkup app. Body temperature, for example, is measured by scanning the forehead.

Mark-Eric Jones, CEO, of LMD, says smartphones haven’t changed what they do, but how they do it.

"Our e-Checkup system brings accurate health self-monitoring to the mass market in the most convenient way possible," he says. "e-Checkup needs no additional equipment and is as easy as playing a game.”

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