No Word on Price. But Hadlima, on the Market in 27 Countries, ‘Has Experience,’ Says Samsung Bioepis Executive


Tom Newcomer, head of U.S. market access for the maker of Humira biosimilar Hadlima, deflected questions on price but touted the drug’s track record overseas.

Second of two parts

Everyone wants to know about price, Tom Newcomer acknowledged.

“We definitely recognize price is always going to be one of the central questions about a product before it comes to market,” Newcomer, head of U.S. market access for Samsung Bioepis says during a recent interview with Tony Hagen, a freelance writer and a regular contributor to Managed Healthcare Executive®. “It is something that we are routinely asked (about) in every discussion.”

But Newcomer, head of U.S. market access for Samsung Bioepis, the South Korean company that manufactures Hadlima, tells Hagen during the interview that pricing information is proprietary till Hadlima (adalimumab-bwwd) comes on the market. Newcomer said during the first segment of the interview that will Hadlima, which has been approved by the FDA in both a low- and high-concentration form, will come on the market “on or after” July 2023.

After years of having no competition, Humira, the top drug by sales revenue of all time, is expected to face a wave of biosimilars next year with as many as 11 coming on the market.

Although he deflected questions about price, Newcomer speaks to Hagen about Hadlima’s track record in other countries.

“The product is already out there in 27 different countries,” Newcomer says. “It has experience.” He says that despite the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hadlima has never had supply shortages.

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