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ART Works. But Researchers are Pursuing a Cure for HIV.

Results of a small study published in Nature Medicine show that early treatment with a monoclonal antibody might be part of a strategy to clear an HIV infection.

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Positive Findings for Biktarvy Presented at HIV Research Meeting in Glasgow

Gilead Sciences reported results from several studies of its antiretroviral.

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HIV Prevention, Treatment: Playing the Long Game

Drug manufacturers are developing long-acting, injectable HIV drugs for both treatment and prevention.

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HIV Vaccine Trial Utilizing mRNA Underway

The decades-long quest for a vaccine against HIV has been fruitless so far. Moderna hopes an HIV vaccine that uses its messenger RNA technology will break the losing streak. A phase 1 trial designed to include 56 volunteers has started.

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They Are Still There, Large and Looming: Barriers to HIV Testing and Care.

In a conversation with Managed Healthcare Executive®, Genoa Healthcare Sales Director Jennifer Finocchiaro discusses social determinants of health, the LGBTQ+ community and the demographic contours of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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