Most Popular Multimedia of 2021

Interviews with key opinion leaders on a variety topics, such as work/life balance tips, race and equity, and the connection between pharmacy and telemedicine, topped the list of most-consumed multimedia in 2021.

Kevin Hrusovsky of Quanterix Shares Successful Tools Toward Improving Precision Health and More

In this week’s episode, Managed Healthcare Executive Associate Editor Briana Contreras had the pleasure of meeting CEO of Quanterix and founder of Powering Precision Health, Kevin Hrusovsky. Quanterix is a blood-based biomarker analysis company. In this discussion, the two discussed Powering Precision Health and some tools like the Disruptive Innovation 5-step model that brings his vision closer of detecting and improving the health of patients sooner.

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The Connection Between Telehealth, Pharmacy and How it Affects Self-Funded Employers

Managed Healthcare Executive had a conversation with Kelly Chillingworth, RPh, director of business development at RxBenefits this week about the unique connection between pharmacy and telemedicine, what impact telemedicine & its pharmacy costs have on self-funded employers and how the right virtual care services a health provider offers to their members can be essential to building a competitive benefit.

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Meet the Board: Meg Murray of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans Talks ACA, Race and Equity and More

In this week's episode of "Tuning In to the C-Suite" podcast, Managed Healthcare Executive Senior Editor, Peter Wehrwein and Associate Editor, Briana Contreras, spoke with yet another Editorial Advisory Board Member for a segment of the "Meet the Board" series. The two had the pleasure of chatting with Meg Murray, M.P.A., founding CEO of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, about her journey in healthcare, her organization and were able to look into some of her views about the ACA, equity and racism in healthcare and the Biden Administration’s effects on healthcare.

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Work, Life Balance Tips for Parents From Maven VP of People Karsten Vagner

Vagner shares best work/life balance practices for parents during a new phase of COVID-19 as their children are back in school. The vice president of People at Maven, a virtual clinic for women's and family health, also shares some well-being tips that work for him as a parent.

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The Benefits of the Retail Drug Market and Why, When Civica RX Will be Taking Steps Further

In this part three video series, Civica Rx CEO Martin VanTrieste says Civica is launching an outpatient retail market with its first retail drug coming to the market next year.

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