Local plans mirror national enrollment trends

One-fourth of Akron Ohio's SummaCare enrollees are among the coveted younger population

On the morning of April 1, exchange enrollments for SummaCare, a health plan in Akron, Ohio, appeared to be mirroring national experiences that have been shared to date, according to CEO Marty Hauser, an MHE editorial advisor.

“We are seeing a lower number of ‘young’ members sign up, with our numbers showing about 14% of the enrollees in the combined age groups of under 25, and 18 to 25,” Hauser says.

Adding the age group of 26 to 34 year olds, the total percentage of “young” enrollees comes in just under 25%-which is on par with what the Department of Health and Human Services has been reporting nationally.

The largest number of SummaCare exchange enrollees in raw numbers and as a percentage continues to be in the age 55 to 64 group, followed by the second largest group in ages 45 to 54. Again, the Ohio plan follows the national trend.

Hauser says somewhere between 23% and 26% of the enrollees are not paying their premiums. To have active coverage, consumers must pay premiums directly to the insurers.