Healthcare industry leaders share their favorite vacation spots


Ready to pack your bags for a little R&R? Here are a few favorite spots recommended by industry leaders.


Ready to pack your bags for a little R&R? Here are a few favorite spots recommended by industry leaders.




“Lake Tahoe is my favorite vacation spot because it has great weather, beautiful scenery, a great lake for swimming and water sports, gambling at the casinos on the Nevada side of the lake, great places to eat and it is great place for families as well as a quiet getaway for couples.”




“I enjoy nature so anywhere where I can be with my wife and nature: National Parks, beaches, the mountains.”




“Any lakeside property in the Pocono Mountains.  It's a great combination of warm summer days and cool, crisp nights.”




“My favorite summer vacation spot is climbing mountains in Alaska.  I go every summer. There is nothing like the remoteness and quiet only the Alaskan wilderness can provide.”




“I am fortunate enough to live in a beach town in California but if I could jump on a plane tonight to Cooks Inlet Moorea, Tahiti, I would be there immediately.  It is the most stunning place I have ever been-crystal clear water and beautiful, verdant mountain peaks separated by pure white sands.”



“My wife’s family owns a summer house on this very remote, yet exquisitely beautiful spot about 40 miles northwest of Bar Harbor, Maine.  We vacation there every summer, where my wife’s family (she is the youngest of eight!) gathers together for an annual reunion.  It is one of the most tranquil and relaxing places you can imagine.  We boat, swim, waterski, tube, hike, kayak, canoe, fish and spend quality time together as a family (what a novel concept, huh?).  My favorite part though-cracking a cold beer and sitting back on the dock each night with my son, doing some bass fishing until the sun sets over the nearby mountains.  Oh and one more thing, there’s no WiFi in the house and very limited cell coverage. What’s better than that!?”



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