FACT FILE . . . Convenient Care Clinics

Convenient Care Clinics

  • There are approximately 1,475 clinics in the U.S.

  • By 2015, there will be as many as 2,800 or more.

  • Retail clinics recorded 5.1 million visits in 2011.

  • Most are located in retail drug stores and grocery stores.

  • More than one in three consumers are receptive to the retail clinic model, and baby boomers are especially interested.

  • Millennials are the least likely to use a retail clinic.

  • Nurse practitioners or physician assistants usually staff the clinics with varying oversight by physicians, depending on state law.

  • Top brands include: MinuteClinic by CVS; Healthcare Clinic by Walgreens; Target Clinic by Target; as well as several hospital-system and independent brands.

  • Most clinics are open seven days a week and have contracts with insurance carriers.


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