CareFirst, Noom Using Preventative Behavioral Health Programs to Manage Weight, Prevent Diabetes


Accessible through the CareFirst WellBeing app, these behavioral health services are working to combat health risks related to obesity.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield members have the opportunity to make healthier habits and lifestyle changes when it comes to weight management and diabetes prevention.

Through a new partnership, announced recently, between CareFirst and Noom for Work, a psychology-based digital health platform, roughly 3.2 million of its members will have access to Noom's behavioral health solutions: Noom Weight and Noom's Diabetes Prevention Program.

Accessible through the CareFirst WellBeing app, these services are working to combat health risks related to obesity.

“So much of the impact on weight in the U.S. is based on the lifestyle choices we make, and we know how hard it is to retrain your brain to develop healthier habits in a way that is easy, accessible and personalized," said Matt Mouradian, general manager of Healthcare at Noom, in a press release. "We’re extremely excited to partner with an innovative organization like CareFirst who is prioritizing the health of its members with programs like Noom, which can be accessed by its full population to help develop healthier habits that last, ultimately reduce the risk of chronic conditions and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes."

According to the CDC, more than 72% of the Adult U.S. population is overweight, and more than half of that population is obese, with trends predicted to increase every year. Also, 47% of chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be attributed to being overweight.

The National Institute of Health said the best treatment for diabetes is prevention. Prevention of diabetes can be accomplished through a 7% weight loss through intensive lifestyle interventions that include caloric reduction and approximately 30 min of daily moderate physical activity.

Users of the Noom services will take a brief assessment in the app to determine the preventative program that best fits them.

Noom Weight will work with its users through a personalized mind-first approach that combines technology and human coaching to create healtier habits.

The program includes curriculum that teaches users the why behind their habits and how to change them. Additionally, it has modular daily lessons, tailored to each person’s goals; education tracking, food logging, and ability to connect to other devices (scales, wearables) for immediate feedback and positive reinforcement; and one-on-one coaching and peer support groups to help improve outcomes through encouragement, accountability, and goal setting.

Members at risk for type 2 diabetes will utilize Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) - the first CDC-recognized digital behavior change program tailored to support those who have early indicators of the disease.

Eligible members will be screened for enrollment based on meeting standard criteria for prediabetes and access a digital experience similar to Noom Weight, but tailored to a prediabetes audience and include lessons based on each user's goals.

Mack McGee, vice president and chief marketing officer of CareFirst, said in the release, CareFirst is prioritizing innovative programs that fit into daily life and meet people where they are in their healthcare journey, with specific focus on preventive care to yield better health outcomes.

"This partnership with Noom will empower the people we serve to take charge of their health through healthier habits and weight management to mitigate chronic conditions, and we’re excited to see the benefits it brings to our members," McGee added.

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